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common type Trench covers

time:2016-12-26 04:20:01
common type Trench covers

Use banding steel grating to design and manufacture,widely used in urban road, square, garden, docks and arporis, parking lot hghway, railway, industral engneeing and other kilnds of industrial and civil architecture.

Beautiful shape: line forthright, silver appearance, modern trend.

Best drainage: Leakage area is 83.3%, which is more twice than cast iron, Hot dip galvanized: rustproof force is powerful, free maintenance and replacement.

Theft proof design:cover and frame connecting with hinge, guand against theft, safety, and easy to open.

Save an investment: when big span, and heavy load,the price is lower than cast iron,economizing the expenses of stolen or replacement.

High atrengthahe strength and toughness are far higher than cast iron, and can be used in as docks, airports, such big span and heavy load place.

More specification: meet different environment, load, span, size and shape.

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