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Welded Installation

time:2017-07-18 05:59:48

All grating must be firmly fastened in place and welding panels to the supporting structure provides a superior, permanent installation. The diagram below indicates the recommended minimum weld size and spacing for pedestrian applications. 

Vehicular applications typically require additional welding, size and spacing as determined by the specifying authority.

Minimum Weld Pattern

Minimum Weld Pattern


When the grating is designed to be removable or when welding is not practical, consider these mechanical fasteners. The minimum fastener spacing for pedestrian applications is equal to the minimum weld pattern illustrated above.

Saddle Clips

Saddle Clips
Bent clips bridging two bearing bars, available in galvanized steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. Standard bolt holes are 5/16" and bolts, screws, or other connecting hardware shall be supplied by others.

Countersunk Lands

Countersunk Lands
The narrow spacing of close mesh gratings allows for countersinking or milling of the bearing bars to support bolt shoulders. Flat head screws or self-drilling fasteners shall be supplied by others.

Weld Lugs

Weld Lugs
Plates punched with holes and shop welded between the bearing bars facilitate bolting to the supporting structure. Bolts, screws, or other connecting hardware shall be supplied by others.

"G" Clips
Mechanical fasteners that are installed on the top surface of the grating and create a friction connection with the flange supporting the panel. "G" Clips are easily installed without drilling or welding.

"J" Clips
Bent clip capturing one bearing bar, frequently used with 11/16" on center bearing bars. Cap screws or other fastening hardware shall be supplied by others.